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10 Tips For Self Care As A Mum
10 Selfcare Tips For Mums​ShareSeptember 10, 2018So many of us, especially as Mums put self care to the bottom of[...]
Switching Gears – Why It’s Needed and How
Switching Gears - Why It's Needed and HowShareAugust 13, 2018Ahhhh this has been a topic for me lately! Since switching[...]
Dating, Tinder and FOMO…
Dating, Tinder and FOMO… Okay so having been on the single scene for the last 3 years and I’ve had some time to reflect on my experiences and what I have had my eyes opened to. In my late teens and twenties I never struggled to get a boyfriend (I struggled immensely to be on my own though) and [...]
Anxiety And How To F$@# It Off…
We are currently sunning ourselves in the laid back suburb of Perigian Springs, Sunshine Coast. We have spent a few days settling in at my Mother In Law Sue’s or Jahla’s Tina! (Samoan for grandmother)…It is so lovely to be relaxed in the sunshine and have a second pair of hands with Jahla, some [...]
Nude Yoga Has A Lot To Answer For…
Like empowering women to love themselves!! ​ So this was going to start out as a simple review of my recent experience at Rosie Rees’ Nude Yoga Class. It turns out that a lot more has come to surface than expected. ​ When I started flicking through the few shots I had from the evening. Straight [...]
Today I awake with the best intentions. Today I plan to have smoothies full of hidden veggies and nutrients to be sure you are getting all you need. (She hated it) ​ Today I plan a water competition so I can ensure we both stayed hydrated. Today we say what we are grateful for. ​Today we [...]
Dengue sucks balls…
Yep you heard me and no, not the fun foreplay kind. I have been to Bali so many times before and rarely had a second thought about getting ill aside from the occasional dose of mild Bali Belly. This trip was no different I had planned to head over and complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training [...]
Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?
Spreading Yourself Too Thin?? Hi All! I have been a little quiet with the blog lately as I am 10 days deep into my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali! They call it an intensive course for a reason! I may not have quite been as mentally prepared as I could have been coming into this course [...]
Pat On The Back
Self congratulation… How often do you stop and reflect on a period of time passed, an event or project and say a huge CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ROCK!! I think it is such an important thing that we are lacking in this day and age! I am currently learning to do this more often…it’s something I think [...]
When The Kids Go To Bed
When the kids go to bed… So this is a massive grey area for single parents, I call them the lonely hours. What do we do when the kids are finally asleep? Regardless of your situation, be it traveling, working a 9 to 5 or being a stay at home parent. For me, I usually like to find some outlet [...]