Q: How much time/work is involved?

A: Our calls will be about an hour in duration and about 1 hour of homework will be required, Building in a daily practice that fits your lifestyle will be required. Be it 10 minutes or an hour!

Q: I am seeing a psychologist/counselor/therapist for a mental illness can this replace my current program?

A: No, I am very open to working with your existing care provider and complimenting your existing therapy!

Q: Who is Freedom Coaching for?

A: Freedom Coaching is for anyone and everyone! We all have some area of out life that we feel holds us back. Coaching can give you the tools to find Freedom!

Q: I am just getting started what do you recommend?

A: I always like to start with going into all areas of your life and giving them a clean up, so The Seven Wonders of Your World is a great start! If this is the first time you are looking inward then you may be amazed at what is sitting under the surface and how some simple beliefs in one are can be playing out in other areas and holding you back!

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A: No, what I can guarantee is that what you invest in commitment to the process and time will be returned to you! I also guarantee you my personal best!