Mamas in the Hunter

Mother's Retreat

Hunter Valley, NSW
25-28oct 2018

Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate


As women, for some of us, we feel the deep yearning in our wombs to carry and bring life into this world. We see beautiful pregnant bellies, newborn shots, and happy families on Instagram, and create the image of how perfect our own family will be. Quite often the reality is very different and we can be left feeling like we are failing.

We’re not told all the ways becoming a Mother will turn our world upside down. THEY don’t tell us this.

They don’t tell you about the pressure of being a Mama, what it will do to your relationship and your social life, not to mention your sex life!

They don’t tell you that you will discover a new level of exhaustion that trumps any hangover you've had in your 20’s. 

They don’t tell you about the isolation, the feeling that you are doing it all on your own, the insane pressure to keep it all together and multitask like a Super Mama! All the while looking like you have it together on the outside but are crumbling on the inside.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Are you feeling exhausted and burnt out?

Do you feel like you are failing?

Do you feel like you do more than your fair share and then some?

If you are resonating on any level please read on…

My name is Stephanie Dey and if you haven’t watched my video, I want to let you know that I have been there too. I have lived those dark days and felt the relentless feeling of being overwhelmed that can swallow you whole as a Mama. 

After my divorce, I hit rock bottom emotionally and knew I had to do something or I would drown. 5 years ago I started a journey inwards, a journey back to myself, and I did this with my daughter in tow. I struggled through and finally reached the shore. On this shore looking back at my journey I realized how acutely other Mothers need help. These personal experiences have made me passionate about supporting Mothers on their journey. 

The truth of it is that I honestly believe being a mother is the most rewarding, soul expanding, edge-pushing role. BUT it is somewhat thankless, and YES, relentless especially in 2018! 

More often than not, being a mother in 2018 means doing the majority of the work!! We may be pushing boundaries at work and in social situations but it sometimes feels like we’re still stuck in the 50’s at home. Not only do we care for the house, groceries, bills, extracurricular activities, pick ups/drop offs, playdates, book week, lunches, dinners, servicing the cars…. the list goes on and on and this is before juggling work and nagging to get someone, anyone to take the bins out! 

We also have the pressure to...

- choose the right schools
- parent consciously 
- spend enough quality time with our kids so they feel secure
- leave our kids alone enough to instil independence 
- to feed them nutritious food that doesn’t taste like cardboard
- to limit screen time 
- to encourage their strengths

Where is the time for us? Every mother I know rolls her eyes at the idea of Self Care. Because honestly when does she have the time for it? I deeply believe that Self Care is a NECESSITY, not a LUXURY.

If you were to take a job that offered no holidays it would be AN OUTRAGE! Yet we expect ourselves to show up day in and day out as mothers…and function at 100%. Workplaces give holidays so their staff can come back more present, peaceful and productive. As mothers, we NEED the same.

This is exactly the reason I have put together my Mother’s Retreat. I am offering you the space to take a holiday, a place to hang up your Super Mama cape for a while and delegate the childcare to Dad, Nan and Pop, or Aunty. 

You will be given the space to share the challenges and triumphs of motherhood with an intimate group of like-minded women, wherever you are in your journey.

As a doula, a mum and a life coach, I can assure you, you are not alone.

The Truth Is...

Beyond Motherhood...

Imagine 3 nights and 4 days of this…

• Morning yoga in the Shala or Vineyard, looking out over the breathtaking countryside in the Hunter Valley
• A safe, small circle to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with
• Sharing delicious, healthy, fresh food with your newfound tribe without lifting a finger (other than to eat or drink!)
• Bushwalks through the beautiful country property at
• Workshops on self-care, delegation, setting boundaries, and conscious communication
• Learning tools for integrating self-care into your life as a Mum 

You will gain valuable knowledge to take home and create more ease and flow with your children and lover and much more:

• UNPLUGGING from technology (family check-in calls are the exception)
• Taking time out to just BE! Read by the pool, swim and soak in the natural beauty and peaceful vibes
• Nights spent at the bonfire chatting, stargazing, and learning the importance of ritual
• Experiencing the magic healing powers of COMMUNITY
• Followed by full nights of uninterrupted SLEEP

You will head back to your family feeling;

• Happier and less stressed 
• More grateful, present and joyful
• More aligned with your purpose beyond Motherhood
• More connected to your spouse and your sensuality
• Confident to use the tools you’ve acquired to assist you to remember YOU on a daily basis
• Integrated, connected and whole in yourself again
• Excited and ready to go back home being a better version of yourself, for YOU and your family
• Supported by your new tribe and ME!

When you FLOURISH so does your family. 

Does this sound like just what the doctor ordered?

Are you ready to choose YOU?

  • You will be held in a safe and nurturing place where you can explore what’s going on inwards, express how you’re really feeling with other mother’s who understand and where you can let your body move and play again.
  • Your days will be spent filling up your own cup, with a perfect balance of rest, play and learning. This is an opportunity for ALL mamas to take some time out for themselves.
  • You will also take part in life-changing workshops on self-care, conscious parenting, authentic relating. 
  • Leaf Heart
    Be given the opportunity to learn more about universal love by embodying some Eastern Tantric Teachings.
  • Leaf Heart
    Be given self-love practices that are practical, realistic, easy, effective and catered for Mums, so you can take these new found tools home with you and implement them in your daily life. Most importantly connect to SELF and remember all that is important to YOU.

So get your girlfriends together, listen to your inner self that is screaming, “I NEED time for me”, and join us in The Hunter!​

Unplug, rewind, delete, forward! Take the leap & join us, Our Gypsy Adventures, for some love & light at the gorgeous Sovereign Hill Country Lodge!

Be quick, this is a small intimate group, 10 tickets only. 

Retreat Details


  • 25th - 28th October 2018


  • ​Hunter Valley, NSW



What is Included:

  • 4 day Mama’s in The Hunter - Mothers Retreat with international teacher Stephanie J Dey
  • Leaf Heart
    3 nights Accommodation in Soverieign Hill Country Estate (twinshare, bring a bestie!)
  • Leaf Heart
    Workshops on tantra, self love, conscious relating, parenting, rediscovering YOU and finding your purpose
  • Leaf Heart
    Breakfast included Daily
  • Leaf Heart
    Lunches provided
  • Leaf Heart
    Dinner provided​


  • 1 private mentoring session with Stephanie J Dey
  • ​Follow up online support with your new found tribe

Cost: Scroll down for Payment Buttons

  • $ 999 per person twinshare
  • Leaf Heart
    $1699 for both when you Bring  Your Bestie!!! (twinshare)
  • Leaf Heart
    Subject to host approval and room availability

Submit all interest to:

  • Leaf Heart

Not included:

  • ​Your flights
  • Your insurance

Meet Your Facilitators

Stephanie J Dey

Adventurous Mama from Our Gypsy Adventure

After being shattered by her divorce at 30. Steph took on the world with her toddler in tow, she has worked hard on herself to rebuild her life and now inspires others to go for their dreams as she shares her life with her online community. All the highs, lows and everything in between. Steph understands the process of the journey back to self and guides you to tapping in to who YOU truly are as a woman.

Stephanie has been on a path of self-discovery for over 15 years, learning many modalities for her own spiritual healing and growth. Stephanie now weaves those modalities along with her own learnings and wisdom to share with her private clients as a qualified life coach, exercise coach, yoga teacher and tantric practitioner.

Steph has supported on many tantric retreats/workshops and is very excited to be able to come forward with this offering, especially for mamas like you!!

Shane Blackett

​Empowerment Coach,au

​Shane Blackett is an amazing Empowerment Coach. She is down to earth, practical and walks her talk! Shane will be joining us in the Hunter to teach yoga and do an oils workshop.

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