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My name is Stephanie Dey and I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, raised in Perth, Australia, and am spending my adult years as a citizen of the Globe. I now live in Bali

with my daughter Jahla.

In 2000 at 17, I left high school and a toxic abusive family environment. I thought I had hit the jackpot with a 9 to 5 job paying $400 per week. However, the reality of life and expenses soon hit me. In amongst the booze filled nights I found myself working in a stripclub.

I didn’t even realize it was a job! I was partying, hanging out with cool women, getting attention from men, making loads of money and living an exciting life. Before long I fell into taking drugs and daily binge drinking. When I lost my Dad at age 20 my world was blown apart. I cleaned up my act moved to Sydney to model and ran my own personal training business. On the outside I looked like I had it all together but was silently struggling with alcohol abuse, codependency, eating disorder and unprocessed grief!

I started a self-healing journey and did lots of self-help reading/workshops/training, also seeking out professionals that could help me! Life got better… I traveled, met a man, moved to Dubai, got married, modelled and adopted a baby. Through all this, I carried some deep emotions and dark shame around my inability to just have a few drinks. Blackout or nothing seemed to be my norm.

I arrived back to live in Perth for the first time in a decade just 2 weeks before my 30th birthday with a 15-month-old baby and a backpack! Barely holding it together, I had a failed marriage under my belt, a beautiful daughter that my ex and I adopted together and the same old grotty backpack I had set off traveling with many moons before. “This shouldn’t be happening” I thought to myself. The fairy tale books didn’t put this in the disclaimer!! So I began the journey of being single, a mum, and attempting ​heal myself.

There were many peaks and valleys for me but bit-by-bit I put my self back together. I got back into exercise and food in a healthy way, started setting boundaries with my family and friendships, raised the bar on lovers that I would allow into my life, and I became a yoga teacher. After travelling the globe for 9 months with my daughter I relocated to Bali, became a birth and life coach, found my tribe, let go of the chains of alcohol abuse, and studied the dynamics of communication, relationship, connection and true heart tantra. I found the power of presence and unconditional love. Each aspect brought me a gem and uncovered another piece of myself that I had forgotten.

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I now live in Ubud, which means medicine in the local language, with my beautiful daughter Jahla. Am I perfect? No, I am human – life still throws me a curve ball from time to time. What I am is at peace with who I am as a person and what I stand for. I practice what I preach – we have family circles, practise the principles of conscious relating, I honour myself in amongst the chaos of motherhood, I ask for what I need, I listen to myself, I practise yoga, tantra and meditation. I love my family, clients and community, and I give back by volunteering my services as a doula and birth coach both here and in Uganda.

I know that each person has dramatically different needs and requirements so for this reason I tailor all my packages after a chat.

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