10 Selfcare Tips For Mums

September 10, 2018

So many of us, especially as Mums put self care to the bottom of the list! We make sure everyone else is okay above us.

The issue with that mentality is we can often show up stretched physically, emotionally and mentally. Our ability to cope with the day to day stresses of parenting diminish and we are serving our families from a shouty, exhausted, unfulfilled space. This then starts the cycle of us feeling guilty for not doing more, being more patient and loving etc… therefore creating disharmony and dissatisfaction within ourselves. This can lead to subconscious resentment to our selves and our families!

Imagine a kettle with only a little bit of water in it and switching it to boil. Very quickly the water will boil dry and possibly blow up! This is exactly what is happening when you go into a fresh day of parenting without refilling you cup! Even though you promised yourself last night, that today would be different…you boil through your reservoir quite quickly!

My 10 Tips...

Only you can choose you and it can be simple to implement some self love in your day!

 1. Put boundaries in place to ensure your minimal needs are met.

2. Less is more, look at ways to simplify your life...there is no need for excessive amount of activities if they are causing stress.

 3. Get to bed early!

 4. Delegate chores. Regardless if you do them better! 

 5. Schedule in YOU time just like you commit to kids soccer, find something and commit to it!

 6. Outsource where possible. Get groceries delivered, get the dog walked etc…

 7. Find your tribe and create your village. This was never meant to be a job for one! 

 8. Consider outside help if you don’t have help around. Demi pairs can help in exchange for room and board. Aupairs room, board and a financial exchange 

 9. Ask and allow people to help you!!! I sucked at this big time and the moment I started allowing myself not to have to do it all my life became so much easier!

 10. Start simply! Run a bath, have an early night, take your cuppa back to bed, schedule an afternoon off, let the kids do as many age appropriate morning tasks 

This is a necessity NOT a luxury!!!

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 Well nourished mums, raise well nourished children! 

 Stephanie J Dey

Life and Love Coach - Our Gypsy Adventure                                                                            

Life lover, treehugger and gypsy hearted mother to beautiful Jahla Love


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