Your Journey To Freedom Starts Now!

I work with women that are lost, that feel broken, that are overwhelmed by the demands of life, are playing out the trauma of their pasts, and are struggling in their relationships or purpose. Does any of this sound familiar? I work with beautiful souls just like you!

You are not alone, this was me too! I struggled with anxiety, grief, isolation, despair and depression. I used alcohol, drugs, relationships, food and exercise obsession to mask and numb the pain I was feeling inside, until one day it was too much to bear. That day I decided that I would turn my life around. Now through commitment to myself and my journey I have learned new tools and behaviors to help me live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Here are a few of the issues women reach out to me with…

  • Loneliness both in/out of relationship
  • Lack of true connection
  • People Pleasing/Doing Too Much For Others
  • Have lost their confidence/self worth
  • Don’t feel worthy of more
  • Feel stuck and overwhelmed with no way out
  • Using food, alcohol, sex, drugs, exercise to make them feel whole or gain control
  • Cant see their path or purpose
  • Stuck in toxic relationships
  • Cannot see/feel joy in their lives

What they have learned to turn their lives around…

  • Reconnection to self/self love
  • Tools to see your own shadows and triggers
  • Daily Routine to keep you centered and grounded
  • Setting boundaries – own your yes!
  • The art of communicating your truth from the heart
  • How to release old stories and negative self talk
  • How to be the calm in the storm
  • How to see challenge in a different light
  • How to honour yourself and act from integrity
  • How to feel their true value – knowing when to walk away
  • Assistance with food and exercise programs
  • Gain clarity on their purpose
  • Hone Intuition – follow your gut

Through my work over the past years I have seen women…

  • Find the confidence to take off on adventures around the globe
  • Leave toxic relationships
  • Start living joyful fulfilling lives
  • Heal from childhood trauma
  • Take chances and follow their hearts
  • Start their own business’
  • Find love again or even for the first time
  • Heal broken relationships with lovers or family

I know that each person has dramatically different needs and requirements so for this reason I tailor all my packages after a chat.


Here are some examples of how I have worked with clients in the past.


I have worked with clients on one issue they are facing and given them tools to access their own truth in the matter and what to do moving forward.

Choose your own adventure!

Where we have delved into 3 areas that are causing disharmony in your life at present.

Round Your World

Visiting all major areas of life over 2 months in a weekly call with homework and practices prescribed accordingly.